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Every time the ejection fireball passes through the ejection, the damage will be reduced, but it will not be reduced to the point where even two hundred damage can not be hit, right? The only remaining dark division Meimei, in less than a second after the fall of the light sunny day, also followed by the fall! Luo Moling for the ejection of fireball this skill has not been strengthened, so the number of ejection is only three times, hit the dark division Meimei, again ejected out, but it is the last ejection. But unfortunately, the last ejection target was the soda biscuit in the middle. The regular hexagonal formation they put down in the rainy day, although just let the fat man they mouse pull the tortoise nowhere to mouth, but now it has become the best formation to play Luo Moling's fireball ejection skills, the fireball is like playing billiards, drawing a standard geometric straight line, banging directly killed the four players of the Bloody Rose Team.. Sprouting rainy day immediately confused, this death is too fast, right? All of a sudden, there were only three people left in the Bloody Rose team, one in summer, one in rainy days, and the last shield warrior, and all three were in a state of extreme anemia. "Ha ha,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, beauty, I'm coming!" The fat man was now sitting on the chair in front of the console. He was so proud that he was already twisted into a ball. He winked at the budding rain and said, "Don't be afraid. Uncle will send you home to see the goldfish.." At this time, the queen could not get up. She retreated in horror and repeatedly said, "Fatty, you are not allowed to come here." But the fat man didn't pay attention to her screams at all. He waved his hand to the sky with a sword of blood and a crayon knife and said, "Brothers, follow me!" ……………… Chapter 499 don't be so capable (second watch). When the barn team and the bloody rose team were sent out and returned to the original arena, they were chased by the fat man in the rain. She kicked the sky with her buttocks in her pocket,Flush valve price, kicked a sword with blood, hugged the fat man madly and tried to bite him, which made the fat man in a mess, and even Luo Moling was attacked by her chest, blushing and spitting at her. Although any attack in the arena after the game will not cause damage, but she used this way to vent their dissatisfaction with the fat people. No way, after the lightning storm, the budding rainy day has been unable to recover the situation, they were beaten by the fat man, lost the first game, but also in the case of victory in sight, they were overturned by the fat man, how can the budding rainy day not be angry? She grabbed the fat man's ear and said ferociously, "Fatty, I told you not to come over, but how dare you not listen!"? Are you trying to piss me off? The fat man was very glad. Fortunately, Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo ,Stainless Steel Toilet China, he didn't use his brain waves to access the device. Now he was pulled by his ears, but he was not himself. But at the same time, he was very aggrieved. He spread out his hands and said helplessly to the budding rain: "I can't help it. I thought you were being ironic.." "What?" The budding rainy day was even more angry: "Irony!"? How can I be ironic? Why should I say irony again? "Isn't that what happens in movies?" The fat man blinked his eyes and said, "Those heroines often say, 'Don't come over.' But in the end, they are all very ironic. In fact, they are eager for the hero to go over.." He hesitated for a moment, tilted his head and asked, "What movie heroine would say that?" Luo Moling they also looked at the fat man curiously, the impression seems to have never seen such a bloody movie and dialogue, right? As a result, the fat man blinked his eyes and told the answer to the riddle: "Love action movies!"! The kind taken in an island country.. Puff! The fate of the sky and a sword floating blood immediately spurted, and then covered his stomach and laughed wildly, looking like that, tears almost flowed out, they heard the words in front of the fat man before, they faintly thought of what the fat man was going to say, now listen down, as expected.. Luo Moling and the budding rainy day are not stupid, suddenly also understood, two beautiful faces first a burst of burning red, then livid down, coincidentally shouted: "dead fat man!!!" The fat man played a little prank, laughing and controlling the characters to turn around and run away. Luo Moling and the budding rainy day were so angry that they chased the fat man and wanted to turn him over and trample him on the ground. Soda biscuits could not help laughing, but they dared not laugh out loud. Ran Ran's cheeks were flushed with shame in summer and light sunny days. Although there was a blush on her face, she was still calm. However, when Luo Luo asked her curiously, "Sister Shuishui, what is a love action film?" Later, she did not know how to answer. If it is in reality, the fat man at this time is estimated to have been flat black and blue, fortunately, now is in the game, let Luo Mo-ling and sprout a rainy day to vent, he is still safe and sound, but, was mad two beautiful women stare viciously, the fat man did not dare to joke anymore.. In this game, the fat man and his barn team won and got two points, while the budding rain and their bloody rose team failed to get points. The rules of the game are two points for a win, one point for a draw, and no points for a loss. However, a draw is generally difficult to occur. Even if both sides fall down in the end, the system will arrange an overtime game. Unless the overtime game is also tied, the two sides will be judged to be tied. So usually, the result of the game is that one side wins and scores, while the other side loses and does not score. Now, in the rainy days, they lost the first game, and then the pressure is a little big, unless they win all the remaining eight games,stainless steel toilet, so that they can get the old points and still have a little hope to qualify for the team, but do they have such confidence to win in the future? This is the place where people are angry. The victory or defeat of the first game has a great impact on the following games, so she kept complaining that the fat people cheated and even armed themselves with gods and demons.

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