Forty thousand years of cultivation

What makes you uniquForty thousand years of cultivatione?

Li Yao estimates that this Pangu tribe, or the vast majority of Pangu tribes, should have grown on some planets with less gravity or liquid planets at the earliest. Only a small amount of gravity, or a large amount of buoyancy, can support such a large size. When they evolve to have the ability to navigate the Star Sea, on the one hand, they will not be restricted by gravity in the universe, on the other hand, they will certainly be able to create different gravity fields freely, at this time, size becomes insignificant. In order to grow more meridians, stronger "spiritual roots" and larger "second brain" in the body, it will even continue to develop towards "large-scale". However, in some high-gravity planets, such as Tianyuan Star, Blood Demon Star, and the "Kunlun Star" in front of us, such a huge object is obviously not the most suitable size! The "escape center" is a weightless space, there is no feeling, after the transmission to the "human manufacturing center", ten times the gravity immediately like a shadowless mountain, pressure on both sides! As soon as the Pangu people woke up,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, one of their eyes was blown out and one of their right legs was cut off. At the moment, they were bearing more than ten times the gravity of the body load. Suddenly, there was a "squeak" sound in the armor, and every joint was a "crackling" explosion. The action suddenly became dull. Although the size of the big Yanlong Sparrow is also very large, it is ultimately made of super-strong metal, which has the innate advantage of fighting against high gravity! "Sure enough, he was disturbed by super gravity!" Li Yao was ecstatic, but he had some doubts. Strangely,Flushometer valve, Kunlun is the planetary warship of Pangu civilization. Why is the gravity here so high that it is not suitable for Pangu's activities? Mind electric turn, instant reaction over: "I'm so silly. Deep in the Kunlun Mountains, there must be some kind of super-large magic weapon center to control gravity, creating the most suitable gravity for the Pangu people." "However, at least hundreds of thousands of years have passed, and it is estimated that it has been damaged long ago, so it has been restored to the high gravity environment in the natural state." "Even when the female clan leads the human race to attack in a big way, it is very likely that the artificial gravity array will be destroyed at the first time, turning it into a home court where the human race occupies a great advantage!" When a smaller, lighter race wants to fight a massive monster on a battlefield with gravity, it is absolutely a profitable tactic to find a way to greatly increase the gravity. Perhaps, when the gravity rises to dozens of times, even without fighting, the other side will be crushed by its own mass. Even though the Pangu clan has practiced some magical powers that can fight against gravity, the use of these magical powers will always consume a lot of psionic energy, Time Delay Faucet ,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, occupy several of his main spiritual veins, and increase the load of his brain cells, which is not conducive to his long battle! "The Terrans are by no means useless compared to the Pangus!" "Perhaps the Pangu civilization originally used itself as a template to create a smaller, lighter human race in order for us to develop those high-gravity worlds that are not suitable for their survival!" "In the high gravity environment, we are the real king!" "I was too impatient just now. I should have fought a war of attrition with him!" "He has just woken up from hundreds of thousands of years of hibernation, the psionic energy storage in his limbs and bones is seriously inadequate, and the functions of his body organs have not fully recovered, which is really not suitable for super-intense fighting!" "Otherwise, he couldn't have started his transformation at the last moment when he couldn't bear it!" "Forcible transformation must have caused him irreversible and serious damage, and the psionic storage in his body can never support such a state for too long!" "Not to mention, he has to consume a lot of psionic energy to fight against ten times gravity, which I feel very uncomfortable!" "Although his momentum is so amazing, as long as he clings to it, his psionic power will surely be exhausted faster than mine, and then maybe he will be crushed by his own weight!" In Li Yao's mind, thousands of thoughts flashed in an instant, which condensed into a set of stubborn tactical plans. "Swish!" A dark and mysterious purple fire flashed before his eyes. He seems to have overlooked one thing, although the Pangu people were cut off a right leg, but he has a more powerful than the right leg of the strange tail! The strange tail, like a whip, burst into a thunderbolt in midair and whipped Li Yao hard. The tail has not been thrown, the end of the hollow "needle", suddenly spewed out a coquettish purple fire, like a demon with teeth and claws, pounced on Li Yao! At the critical moment, Li Yao's mind is super clear, knowing that no matter which direction he dodges, he will be caught up by the purple fire! Look at this group of purple fire flickering, unpredictable shape, as well as its contact with the surrounding air, similar to the "cloud" hazy effect, also know that it is not an ordinary heat reaction. It is absolutely similar to the "Samadhi True Fire", similar to the chain reaction of high-energy particles, condensed into a different fire! With a low roar, Li Yao advanced instead of retreating, stepped on the seven stars, and cut straight into the middle palace of the Pangu clan! "Boom!" He was hit hard by the tail of the Pangu people, and once again felt the stimulation of "pain like the tide", and his eyes were black and white. But was lucky to escape the end of the tail, the deadly attack of purple fire! Purple fire rushed into the air, suddenly split in midair, a few pieces of purple fire fell to the ground, even instantly melted the hard ground, burning out a big pit I do not know how deep! Li Yao was so frightened that he simply followed the sweeping force of the strange tail of the Pangu clan and swung away! When they entered the "escape center" to explore, the cautious Su Changfa specially arranged a defensive position beside the transport array, leaving hundreds of psionic puppets. At this moment, these psionic puppets are scrambling to jump on the Pangu clan, even if they are burned into molten steel and iron slag in the purple fire! While the Pangu clan was blocked by hundreds of psionic puppets, Li Yao rolled and crawled,Time Delay Tap, and Su Changfa fled in confusion! As soon as they came out of the narrow gap at the exit of the "Human Manufacturing Center", they felt a violent wave of psionic energy behind them! Pangu burned all the psionic puppets to molten iron so quickly! "What to do?" Su Changfa shouted, "The attack of the psionic puppet is totally ineffective against him!" 。

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