Hidden rules of the official road

Hidden rules of the official road

By chance, Zhang Yingying finally found the reason. That day, as usual, Zhang Yingying came to the door of Deputy Director Hong Jizong's office on the eighth floor, knocked gently on the door, and pushed the door open before the voice inside said "please come in". For a moment, Zhang Yingying's thinking was short-circuited, his mind was blank, and he could hardly believe the scene in front of him. I saw Deputy Director Hong Jizong reclining on the sofa, touching Fang Lihong's small waist with one hand, with an embarrassed look on her face; Fang Lihong's right half of her body was leaning against Deputy Director Hong Jizong's left shoulder, her face was like peach blossoms, delicate and beautiful, and she looked like a spring heart rippling.. Chapter 43 three treasures of officialdom. For a moment, the air in the room seemed to freeze, depressing the three of them. Whether it was Deputy Director Hong Jizong who was sitting, or Fang Lihong who was leaning on Deputy Director Hong, and Zhang Yingying who was standing by the door, the three of them were completely stunned and had not yet reacted. What do you mean, get carried away? Hong Jizong and Fang Lihong not only forgot to lock the door when they performed "The Story in the Office", but also were so devoted to playing the role that they did not hear Zhang Yingying's gentle knock on the door. Zhang Yingying,mobile garbage bin, because of her usual habits, did not hear the sound of "please come in" coming from inside, so she suddenly pushed the door open and interrupted the two people who were playing "the story in the office". All the accidental factors have evolved into the present scene. In fact, everything in the world is like this, and there must be inevitability behind the chance. There is no impermeable wall in the world, and there is no permanent secret. The secret of Hong Jizong and Fang Lihong, if not exposed to Zhang Yingying in this way now, will certainly be exposed to others in another way in the near future. Ha ha,euro plastic pallet, our director Ying, is it a happy thing, or which one is driving you behind, so that you are in such a hurry? After all, he was a leading cadre at the deputy department and Bureau level, and he had never seen anything like the strong wind. Deputy Director Hong Jizong first reacted and said jokingly to Zhang Yingying, who was still in a dull state. At the same time, Deputy Director Hong Jizong sat up straight without any trace, and with some nostalgia, he gently pulled out his "salty pig hand" from Fang Lihong's delicate waist. And Fang Lihong, that delicate and charming complexion did not change obviously, just changed a smiling look in the eyes, some pondered to look at a face of incredible Zhang Ying. When Deputy Director Hong Jizong gently pulled his hand away from her waist, Fang Lihong also slowly moved her body half leaning on Deputy Director Hong Jizong. For the current situation, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic bulk containers, Fang Lihong was only a moment of panic, and soon calmed down. She knew that Hong Jizong was the deputy director, and he was also the deputy director who had been communicated from above. She believed that no one in the Jiangnan Zhengqi Administration had dared to offend him. Not to mention a small researcher Zhang Yingying, even Director Zhao Yi, Secretary of the Party Group, had to give Deputy Director Hong Jizong some face. Hehe, hehe, Director Hong, I don't have anything urgent, I'll come back later. Hearing the joking voice of Deputy Director Hong Jizong, Zhang Yingying finally woke up and said awkwardly while retreating outside the office. When Zhang Yingying withdrew from the door of Hong Jizong's office, she glanced at Fang Lihong without any trace. Fang Lihong that bright, some pondering eyes, let Zhang Ying heart is very angry. But Zhang Yingying strongly controlled her anger, because she did not have the ability to offend Hong Jizong, and she immediately realized that she could not offend Fang Lihong in the future. To offend Fang Lihong is to offend Deputy Director Hong Jizong. In Zhang Yingying's more than 20 years of officialdom career, she summed up the "three treasures" of officialdom with her own successful experience, that is, "absolute obedience, reporting good news and not bad news, and fighting for profits and avoiding responsibilities". If a person has a good grasp of these "three treasures", no matter whether you have the ability to work or not, no matter whether you work hard or not, and no matter what your mass base is, you can get along smoothly in the officialdom, all your wishes come true, everything goes well, don't work overtime, there is still an official position on your head, and life is more comfortable than anyone else. What is "absolute obedience"? That is to say, the instructions of the leaders must be carried out unconditionally, the requirements of the leaders must be met unconditionally, and all principles, policies, regulations and systems should be relegated to the second line before the leaders. To put it bluntly, the will of leadership is the only criterion to measure the right and wrong of officialdom. If you don't understand this, the principle of opening your mouth stipulates that no matter how strong your working ability is, no matter how much you contribute to the unit, and no matter how hard you work, you will achieve nothing in the officialdom. Of course, these can only be placed under the table, but also very well hidden. This is the meaning of the so-called "when and when to set up a memorial archway". No matter the leaders or the general public, no one can do anything that violates the principles. Strictly follow the rules! This is absolutely the most commonly used "pet phrase" and one of the most indispensable requirements for most leaders to explain the work of their subordinates. As a subordinate who wants to be appreciated by the leader all the time, how to do all this without any trace depends on your real level. This is the first of the "three treasures" of officialdom, who can grasp this point, who will be able to go to no disadvantage in officialdom. There is no doubt that Director Dong Xin has grasped this point very well, and researcher Zhang Yingying has also grasped this point accurately. Whether it is the instructions of Director Zhao Yi or the words of Deputy Director Hong Jizong,foldable bulk container, they are unconditionally implemented without any discount, and they have never disobeyed. As a result, Director Dong Xin was able to quickly throw away the word "vice" on her head and become a young department-level leading cadre of Jiangnan Zhengqi Management; Zhang Yingying was able to become the deputy director of the highly professional department of the Finance Department with her talking mouth and her background as an office secretary. cnplasticpallet.com

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