Mad Emperor

Although the xuanluo army is incorporated into the dragon Lin army, but still self-contained, directly listen to the crazy, the dragon Lin army did not know that the army suddenly joined is the world-famous xuanluo army, only thought it was crazy temporary recruitment of the army, and only a few days, xuanlu army is to keep a low profile, so it is not too much attention, but the green willow camp is greatly concerned. In this way, although it is dark to light, but with the same reason hidden in the city, the enemy will not focus on monitoring the army. So, when the holy day of attention on the battlefield, on the attack on the west gate, on which way to set an ambush, Luo Tian and Luo Yun each led a team of Xuanluo army quietly across the Luojiang River, from a path that I don't know when to open up, in two ways around to the east and west of Luoshan pass, The sentinels on the two passes were disposed of with lightning speed. Luoshan inside the complex terrain, if not familiar with the terrain to enter, even if not lost, it is easy to be found, but Luo Tian and Luo Yun is like a familiar door and road, without half hesitation to go deep into the center of the place, where to go, easily solve the open and dark sentry also Qin sent Mi to unload Wu inlaid with Rong cheese words? So when they quietly approached the main camp of Mingyan,Prison toilet for sale, the holy day and the holy old who were waiting for the news of victory in the camp were not aware of it. When the rocket was fired into the camp, the first thought that flashed into their minds was that it was impossible. However, when the Holy Sun and the Holy Old heard a noisy sound outside the main tent and a faint light of fire on the white tent, they were startled, and the next thought that flashed through their minds was to attack the camp one by one. But how is that possible? Mo said that now Mo Qingkuang was tired of dealing with Lord Shengtian and did not dare to take the risk to attack them. What's more, the whole Luoshan has arranged layers of secret sentries, how can they be attacked without being noticed. Surprised, the two men rushed out of the tent, but saw the tent camp that should have been quiet, at the moment,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, several tents beside the main tent were all burning up, and the soldiers of each tent came out of the tent with weapons in a hurry, and many soldiers were burning. Outside the barracks ShaSheng bursts, such as the rocket of the rain shot into the camp without intermission, look at its strength, is shot from a distant place. With a wave of his sleeve, the strong wind swept away and knocked down the rocket one by one. The Holy Sun roared loudly: "The enemy is attacking. The battalions quickly assemble. Those who run around and bump into each other will be killed." A loud roar with True Qi spread throughout the barracks, and soon the chaotic scene calmed down. The soldiers of each battalion gathered in an orderly manner. The soldiers of the left battalion put out the burning tent in an orderly manner, and the soldiers of the main battalion waited for military orders. Report, found the enemy fighters in the east, is to kill the camp. The scouts galloped, no, they should have rolled to the holy day, gasping for breath to report. What? Enemy fighters? Why didn't they hear the sound of hooves? Not only the soldiers in the camp surprised doubt, holy day and holy old also surprised doubt, the enemy to sneak attack, unexpectedly sent cavalry fair and square to kill, this kind of thing is only Mo pour crazy to do it, Self-closing Faucet ,Service Sink Faucets, and terror is that they couldn't hear a little hoofbeat? The holy day and the old saint listened attentively in disbelief, and sure enough, they could feel that a cavalry was riding at a very fast speed in the east, and although they could not hear the sound of hooves, they could feel the sound of steady and long breathing, as well as the sound of horses breathing. No way! A group of riding ping-pong unexpectedly can'avoid 'their layers of sentinels, straight to the center of the mountains, and no sentinels found, this, this is what the situation, don't fall crazy will sorcery, will the cavalry invisible? A few screams sounded, there is no time for them to think about what is going on, the mutation happened too suddenly, thanks to the holy day and the saint is alive for nearly a hundred years of people, and soon the mind, decisively issued a series of orders, led the main soldiers ran quickly toward the east. Saint day and saint old almost some dazed looking at the distance from the barracks only five Zhangs away, the endless snowfield suddenly appeared a ghost-like cavalry, the number is not much, about three thousand to ride, all the cavalry dressed in black light armor, behind also carrying a weapon similar to a crossbow, and their mounts are thin as light wings of black soft armor, The equipment of the whole body is the most sophisticated, and what makes people vomit blood is that every BMW horse's feet are wrapped in cotton cloth and fall to the ground silently. Three thousand fighters gathered into a dark, menacing from the snowfield. There is an inexplicable gloomy atmosphere that spreads endlessly between heaven and earth. "How the hell did these things get in here?" The Holy Sun cursed viciously, and his eyes were filled with horror. Xuan Luojun? Already heard a lot of Xuanluo army rumors of the holy old eyes suddenly open, deep voice with shock, so equipped is not a frightening Xuanluo army, what is it? "Put yourself in position to meet the enemy." The holy day is shocked in the world there is such a strong cavalry, heard the old saint this exclamation, eyes immediately burst out of the shining light, rapped out the order. Military orders, bright inflammation main cavalry immediately on horseback, quickly spread out the formation, each from the waist out of strange weapons, the front row of cavalry holding a golden hook silver knife, is the wind dark soldier, behind several rows of cavalry all eyes flashing with firm and sharp light, steady breathing shows that they are all martial arts masters, each person's persistent weapons similar to machetes, It's just that there's a row of tiny short blades on the blade more than ordinary machetes, shining in the sun. A loud and clear horse hissing across the sky, Luo Tian led the Xuan Luo column in the open space ten meters away from the main cavalry of Ming Yan, and Ming Yan cavalry formed a confrontation, not in a hurry to attack the camp. 'Clang, clang, clang.. ' In the continuous sound of metal friction, black light armor war riders quickly lined up, neatly and uniformly pulled out a silver iron bar from the waist, but only 1 meter long, a turn, a swing, instantly turned into a shining silver pike, across his chest, the whole movement was neat and tidy. See the holy day and the old saint in the heart, although this cavalry is not necessarily all martial arts masters,Flush Retrofit Kit, but is definitely the most heroic soldiers, not inferior to their regular soldiers composed of masters, perhaps better.

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